We Have Lift-Off

We Have Lift-Off

Welcome to my SQL Server blog!  As I continue to learn more about this product and how to best use it, I plan to share those lessons here so that they may be of help to others.

Although I’ve been using SQL Server since v6.5 as a full-stack developer, my recent work assignments have provided me with opportunities to gain more in-depth knowledge about it, especially in the areas of performance optimization and configuration.

I’ve decided to shift the focus of my development work to be more database-centric, and have less to do with user interfaces.  Attractive screens in applications are nice to have, but no one wants to use an app that takes seconds or minutes to load data and process requests because of inefficient SQL queries, misconfigured servers and databases, etc.  Time that users have to waste as they stare at spinning GIF’s and “please wait” messages is time they’re not putting to use on other tasks.  Writing good SQL is not difficult once the understanding of the underlying concepts is gained.

If anyone has a suggestion for an article, please email me at john@scifisql.com.

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